Microdermabrasion Cleveland

25 Apr

What the heck is Microdermabrasion? What happens is a specialist removes the top few layers of gross nasty old skin and reveals the fresh new skin laying deeper in the epidermis. The new skin, even though will be sensitive for a day or so will then settle and become a nice fresh tone leaving you looking FABULOUS. For Microdermabrasion Cleveland check out our website to find out more!


Reflexology Cleveland

18 Apr

Reflexology is a unique science which is highly effective at reducing stress and promoting relaxation, health, and wellness. Reflexology is similar to foot massage. However, it penetrates much deeper as it works with thousand of nerve ending in each foot. Check out our site today to schedule your appointment to feel wonderful!

Basic Essentials Salon blog!

28 Mar

With time comes change and new things and this is a new blog for Basic Essentials Salon! We’ll let you know of any news, specials, products, and services we have going! Visit our site to schedule an appointment today!